The Terra Foundation for American Art as part of the foundation’s initiative Art Design Chicago, an exploration of Chicago’s art and design history and legacy with presenting partner, The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation.

Project Partners
Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU
NYU Libraries
Getty Research Institute
Smithsonian Institution
Bowdoin Art Museum
San Francisco State University
DePaul University
Japanese American Service Committee – Legacy Center
SCALAR at the University of Southern California

Art Institute of Chicago

Special Thanks
Lawrence and Evelyn Aronson
Olivia Babler
Murtha Baca
Brian Belak
Peter John Brownlee
Ann Butler
Laura Chen-Schultz
Anne Cullen
Jane Debevoise
Becca Doll
Catherine Dossin
David Farneth
Elizabeth Glassman
Ruby Gómez
Amy Gunderson
Carrie Haslett
Michiko Itatani
Richard Kurin
Amita Manghnani
Michael Neault
Konrad Ng
Crystal Parikh
Andrew Perchuk
Marcia Reed
Nora Riccio
Joe Shubitowski
Eva Silverman
Robbi Siegel
Jennifer Siegenthaler
Jason Stieber
Lisa Stone
Marvin Tayler
Jack Tchen
Maureen Whalen
Amy Zinck